Name:Lovleen Sharma

My name is Loveleen Sharma and, just like any other person who carries that extra weight every day and wants to get rid of it without doing anything is what I also wanted. But, as it is said that until u do your bit no one can else can do it. I came to know about Dr. Priyanka(Smart E Diet), through one of my friend who got me introduced to her. After interacting with Dr Priyanka, I decided to give it try and, we started our journey together on 13 Oct 2018 when I weighed 110 KGs. She has proved it wrong that dieting is not interesting. The variations that she gave in her diet plans were amazing and, I did not famish at all. Over a period of 6 months I have lost close to 20 KGs and around 10 Inches on my waist and overall from 3XL to L size and, it feels so amazing when one receives compliments from family, friends and colleagues “You look so Young” “Nice to see you and you have motivated me” etc etc. I would also like to mention special thanks to my wife “Kiran” who made this journey of loosing weight all the more easy.She is an excellent cook and did the twisting and tweaking and made these meals all the more scrumptious. Looking at me, many of my friends and colleagues have asked me as to whom did I consult. I proudly have referred them to Smart e Diet and, will definitely continue to refer all those who are interested. At last it would be selfish on my part if I do not give the due credit to this friend “Shaifali” (well-wisher) of mine who introduced me to Dr Priyanka. She actually became my motivation and was after me and always kept motivating me and tapping my back “well done”.
Thank you Dr Priyanka and wishing you and team Smart E Diet lots n lots of success.
Cheers !!



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