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Dr Priyanka Sharma Acharya

Weight loss expert, Head Medical & Co-Founder

Dr Priyanka Sharma Acharya is a renowned name in the field of Personalized Nutrition for Weight-Loss, Modern Lifestyle Disease management and Skin beauty solutions. She is a practising doctor for the last 11 years and has Co-founded series of mobile-based healthcare solutions catering to Indian clients across the globe.

Smart e Diet®, is one of India’s largest mobile based diet services firm in the preventive health-care space. Indian clients spread across the globe find the personalized follow-up, service delivery extremely convenient where they are always connected to the medical team through Whatsapp, Skype and Mobile Support.

Diets are personalized and customized according to individual’s medical conditions, hereditary, lifestyle, preferences, body-anatomy and more.

Team, at Smart e Diet®, specializes in Stuck Weight removal, Post delivery Weight-Loss, Diabetes Diet, Thyroid diet, Obesity Management, Nutrition for Lifestyle disorders, Weight Gain diet, Kids Nutrition, Post surgery diet, Travel & In-flight Nutrition, Anti-Ageing diet corrections and more

Dr Priyanka primarily holds a B.A.M.S medical degree, additionally bears Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from Apollo Medvarsity. She has been in the past, a practicing doctor at DTIL Hospital in Himachal Pradesh, worked at NGOs’, schools, also in the capacity of Centre Head at NHS.

Moreover, she with her bouquet of other offerings in skincare and ayurvedic treatments offer complete beauty solutions and disease management, incentivizing Indian clients, across the globe with convenience and healthy results.

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