About Us

smartediet®, is one of India’s largest mobile based diet services firm in the preventive health-care space, co-owned and led by Dr Priyanka Sharma.

We understand that behind any weight related issue there are mostly some known or partially known medical reason. Doctors get to the root cause of any such issue and then approaches weight issue by providing medically evaluated diets.

There is no compromise on nutrients on the path of weight and inch management. Overall good health remains our core focus service during this journey.

Our satisfied Clients are spread across PAN India and many international countries, who find the service delivery extremely convenient wherein they are always connected to the medical team through Whatsapp, Skype and Mobile Support.

Diets are extremely personalized and customized according to individual’s medical conditions, hereditary, lifestyle, preferences, body-anatomy and more.

Team, at Smart e Diet, specializes in Stuck Weight removal, Post delivery Weight-Loss, Sports Nutrition, Obesity Management, Nutrition for Lifestyle disorders, Weight Gain diet, Kids Nutrition, Thyroid diet, Diabetes Diet, Post surgery diet, Travel & In-flight Nutrition, Anti-Ageing diet corrections and more

We are one of the leaders in the mobile based nutrition services.