Name:Ruby Singhal

“I have joined ‘Smart-eDiet’ plan 6 months back, when one of my friend told me about Dr. Priyanka.

Before starting this plan, I was in a state how will I manage my daily diet as I am school teacher and also look after my family.

But Dr. Priyanka advised me the diet according to my health parameters and daily schedule. My diet plan includes everything and give me proper nutrition. This diet plan has also taken care my taste buds, I got the variety of food and did not stop me to go out. I was 74kg when I joined this plan, and now has lost my 9kg. The best part is, I never feel any type of weakness from day one. I have got my diet plan on weekly basis on the mail and got the notification about the same. If anytime I need any advice, I can call her on her number.

Now, after losing 9Kg, it feels new life and can use my old wardrobe again 😊. Thanks Dr. Priyanka”



Yes! U’ll Lose Weight becos U want to

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