Sandhya Bansal

Name:Sandhya Bansal
Occupation:Working lady - Faridabad

“Didn’t you grow up watching and reading Fairytales? Yes and I was no exception. Wearing beautiful attires and to look beautiful was always my dream. but 6 years back when I was diagnosed with hypothyroid, my all dreams to wear fashionable clothes shattered. I weighed 68 -70Kgs. I had to wear large size clothes. Being overweight, I lost all my confidence, energy. I was always exhausted, famished. I tried each and every thing from having lemon juice in morning, cumin seeds, garlic, eating low diet meals to eat nothing. But all in vain. It turned me into a introvert person.”

Six months ago, when I joined Smart E diet, I was sceptical whether they would be able to reduce my weight.

But I was wrong. Under Priyanka’s guidance and meal plan, slowly and gradually I started losing weight and now I weigh 56 Kgs.

After being 12 Kgs lighter, I found a new ME. I think when we are satisfied, the small things does not annoy us. I am much calmer now and more energetic and I cant tell you that feeling when small size clothes start fitting you. You feel confident, smarter and energetic. Now past year has flown by and I am enjoying life more and more.

“Happy to choose Smart E Diet for my weight loss plan.”

Sandhya Bansal_Before


Sandhya Bansal_After



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