Name:Swati Kapoor

“Isn’t a dream !!

I was at my heaviest 96 kg before 2 months . I have gained more than 30kg in my pregnancy and after delivery too.I was depressed, lethargic, and constantly feeling run-down, which just led me to eating more. I tried and struggled with different diets. Every diet I tried failed. Each time I found that I was ALWAYS hungry and felt deprived of what I wanted, and my will power would then fail and so would the diet.

Then I got to know about smart e diet i hv joined the weight loss program and have word with Dr. Priyanka she is magician for me .
I was able to do this all while eating incredibly flavorful and satisfying food without ever feeling deprived. I couldn’t believe that after having daily routine food and so many free meals i hv lost around 8 kgs and so many inches .

After the first couple of weeks and seeing some results, almost all of my cravings went away and it just got easier and easier.
Thank you for helping in my journey. Now i feel energetic and confident ..”





Yes! U’ll Lose Weight becos U want to

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